Working Together to Protect Orphan Elephants

Since 2019, we’ve proudly partnered with the wonderful Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to create our Elephant Conservation Collections. Working together to design accessories that help provide milk for the orphan elephants in their care and support the Trust’s wider conservation initiatives throughout Kenya. The Orphans’ Project, an elephant rescue and rehabilitation program, first caught Elizabeth's attention, sparking her desire to find a way to help these eles on their journey to adulthood.

3 designs and four years later, our community has helped us donate funds equal to 136,795 bottles of specialist formula milk (& counting), which is enough to provide 62 hungry elephants with all the milk they need for a whole year.*


Why milk?

Hand fed every 3 hours, day and night, the milk provided is essential to the survival of orphan elephants. Having lost their mothers as they struggle against the threat of poaching, habitat loss and climate change, this special formula milk allows them to restore, grow and thrive as they gradually learn to reintegrate into the wild.


Milestones that matter

While our donations primarily support the wider conservation initiatives of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the orphan elephants remain at our heart, driving our support. We’re immensely proud to share some of the major milestones of the Orphans’ Project since our first Elephant Conservation Collection launched four years ago:

Since World Elephant Day 2019… 


Meet the Orphans

With more than 130 orphans currently in the care of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, we’d love to introduce you to three little Nursery eles who currently call the SWT home…


Devastating drought & an influx of orphans

During our time working together, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust witnessed one of Kenya’s worst droughts in decades. Last year saw daily field emergencies and a deluge of orphans rescues -  more babies were rescued in 2021 and 2022 than in the previous 5 years combined.

Due to their size, elephants are among the animals who suffer the most when faced with drought. Digesting only 40 to 60% of what they eat, they must consume vast quantities of food and water to survive. When these resources are hard to come by, the consequences for elephants are tragic. Our donations and milk meant more than ever!

Climate change is a global issue, but, on the ground in Kenya, field-level conservation is the most effective way to secure a future for elephants. Together, our collections are funding the operations of the SWT/KWS Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit, keeping this lifesaving team active in the field each day, where they can bring immediate relief to injured elephants and other wild animals, while SWT builds on sustainable solutions to safeguard their home in the long term.




Together, we can do more

 With our latest Elephant Collection, we aim to increase our support even further! Each accessory generates the value of at least one bottle of milk for a hungry orphan ele.**

Discover the collection here & shop to support. 

To read more about the amazing Orphans’ Project & donate directly you can visit here:
*Over the last 4 years, donations generated through our collections have been directed to the Sheldrick Trust’s Orphans’ Project, SWT/KWS Mara Veterinary Unit, and wider conservation initiatives to protect wildlife throughout Kenya.
**Every accessory purchased from this collection generates a donation to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust equal to at least 1 bottle(s) of milk for an orphaned baby elephant. Each year, these donations fund the operations of the SWT/KWS Mara Mobile Vet Unit, treating injured wildlife in the Maasai Mara. Any surplus funds generated will be given to the SWT to provide milk for the orphan elephants in their care, and to support their wider conservation initiatives to protect wildlife throughout Kenya.