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Cultivating Joy and Giving Back to Nature

Elizabeth Scarlett exists to promote joyful living, while raising funds to protect our planet’s precious keystone species.

Our Founder

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth started building Elizabeth Scarlett in 2015, painting beautiful watercolours that were then translated onto gorgeous fabrics with intricate embroidery. To this day, every pattern, symbol or motif comes from one of Elizabeth’s original paintings. “I wanted to create pieces that evoked feelings of joy, inspired wanderlust and captured the beauty of the world.”

Our business is still family-owned and has grown to be a full team of talented and passionate people. We are lucky to have worked with some incredible brand partners, including Antropologie, Birchbox, Bobbi Brown, L’Occitane and Estee Lauder, who have all helped us get to where we are today.

Elizabeth Scarlett grew from a passion for art, finding pleasure in small everyday moments and appreciating the natural world around us. Each year, we commit to giving back to wildlife and supporting keystone species. Find out more below…

“Since I can remember, I’ve always loved wildlife, drawing and painting animals. It soothes me, brings me into a flow and connects me with my youthful spirit.”


Why Keystone
 Species Matter

So far, with your help, we’ve awarded over £220,000 to charities and projects that support keystone species.

Our Pledge

2% To The Wild

As of 2021, we are pledging 2% of our annual sales to the preservation of keystone species. This means that, whether we make money or not, we tax ourselves for using the earth’s resources and honour the animals that embellish our much-loved textiles.

our mission

Why Keystone Species?

Keystone species uphold balance in their ecosystems, enabling biodiversity. The term is coined to describe the key role they play within their natural habitat. While they may not be the most productive species, or the most endangered, their very existence helps prevent a dramatic, disastrous change in their ecosystem.

Given Elizabeth’s passion for wildlife, we consider supporting keystone species our most valuable contribution to conservation efforts. We cannot promise to save this much-challenged world, but, having defined our focus, will do our best to drive change in the areas we can.

Our Projects

Our Proudest Achievements

Endangered Sea Turtles

In 2019 and 2020* we raised £30,000 for Local Ocean Conservation in Watamu Kenya, who work to protect endangered sea turtles.

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Milk for Orphaned Elephants

Through our Pouch for Purpose, we raised enough money to buy 5,000 bottles of specialist milk for baby elephants in the care of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

In 2020* we raised £4,660 through a charity pouch raffle to support the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in their wildlife protection programmes in Kenya.

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future impact

Are you working for a charity or project that helps protect wildlife? We’d love to hear from you.

Beneficiaries include the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - in support of Elephants, Giraffes and other iconic African Wildlife - and Local Ocean Conservation - in support of Turtles. In 2021, we're specifically looking for grassroots projects in the UK that support Bees, Beavers and Red Squirrels.

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Creating with Care

As part of our commitment to ensure you can shop with confidence, we are continuously reviewing and updating our fabrics, packaging and processes to be kinder to the planet.


Our Thoughtful Materials

The BCI is a non-profit initiative, which intends to make the growing and extraction of cotton more sustainable. BCI farmers are trained on how to use water efficiently, care for the soil and natural habitats and apply decent work principles within their teams. You can read more about their work here.

Only 81,000 of the 24 million cotton farmers in China are BCI certified, which puts our cotton in the top 0.3% of cotton grown there. Industry wide change can’t come quick enough. As of 2017, Better Cotton accounted for only 14% of global cotton production, but cotton is in 70% of all fashion garments.

At Elizabeth Scarlett we are pushing our efforts one step further, and we’ll be introducing organic and recycled materials to our repertoire in 2021


Our Thoughtful Materials

Our Partners

Meet our Makers

We only work with trusted, certified factories that are regularly audited by us or our partners. This ensures they uphold our values and have the same vision for social and environmental practices that we do. These are factories that are free from forced or underage labour; where employees benefit from a safe working environment and are paid a decent, living wage.

Each collection is produced in small batches every few months to ensure we are never overstocked and nothing goes to waste.

Embroidery & Cottons

Our family has worked with Susan and her team in China for generations and our embroidered textile products are all cut and finished at her factory. We continue to work closely with experts Karen, Wendy and Susan on sourcing and improving our fabrics, packaging and techniques.

Shandong Province | China

Monogramming & Personalisation

When we first met Marci, she worked at the local school uniform shop. She now has her own embroidery business and personalises all of your pouches, purses and bags, right here in the UK.

Hertfordshire | England

Glass & Candle Pouring

Our first candles were poured and set with Artur and his team in Poland. As we look to bring candles back, we’re in talks with a handful of unique French and UK producers.

Radom | Poland