The Inspiration behind the Savanna Giraffe Collection

Our Savanna Giraffe range of embroidered travel pouches, luxury make up bags and cushion with covers is one of our most vibrant and detailed designs. The design was inspired by the elegant, long-legged creatures that Elizabeth saw grazing on the plains of Kenya during her honeymoon safari. 



Savanna Giraffe


Heading out one morning, a beautiful giraffe was the first wildlife she spotted, poking its long neck out from behind an acacia tree leisurely eating leaves. Captivated by these majestic creatures she took to her sketch book and started drawing out the long lines of the world’s tallest animal. She focused on detailing each of the giraffe’s spot patterns with watercolor, in the knowledge that no two giraffes have the same pattern, making them incredibly unique.


Savanna Giraffe Painting


During her time in the Lewa Conservancy in Northern Kenya, Elizabeth was struck by the stunning sky above the plains providing the most striking backdrop to the giraffes. The sky’s Elizabeth witnessed whilst there could only be described as fire with the bold hues of sunrise and sunset that evoked imagery of bright flames. These scenes inspired the bold orange base of the collection's embroidered velvet accessories.


In conversations with conservation experts on her honeymoon Elizabeth learnt all about the four distinct species of giraffe, the Northern Giraffe occupies the Lewa Conservancy territory and is also known as the Giraffa camelopardalis. 

She was shocked to find that giraffe numbers have declined by almost 30% in just over three decades to 

approximately 111,000 in the wild. It is likely that giraffes numbered ten times as many only a century ago. 


 Savanna Giraffe in Sheldrick Wildlife


Feeling privileged to enjoy the wonders of this beautiful animal, Elizabeth wanted to show her appreciation to them for inspiring one of our best-selling ranges with our 2% to the Wild initiative.

This year, with our 2% to the Wild initiative, we will be funding the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit, that will help injured animals of all kinds, including giraffes, honouring our pledge to donate 2% of our annual sales to the preservation of keystone species. 

Most recently The Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit successfully treated a Masai Giraffe with an arrow wound. Sadly harm is often caused by human-wildlife conflict, across this critical conservation area in the Masai Mara.


Savanna Giraffe Makeup Bag


The collection of accessories, with lavender sleep mask/ eye mask, coin purse, makeup bag and iconic Elizabeth Scarlett travel pouch, features Giraffes & green Acacia trees delicately embroidered onto a luxurious rich orange velvet base. With the overwhelming reaction to our first launch we have expanded our Savanna Giraffe collection to include our Giraffe Wash Bag, embroidered cushion, and velvet day bag to brighten every room and outfit even on the greyest of days.


 Giraffe Wash Bag