Strawberry Moon- Elizabeth meets The Goddess Space

To celebrate this special moon cycle, I caught up with ES Muse Anoushka Florence aka The Goddess Space to discuss all things gratitude, connection and sparking joy. Anoushka's incredible spiritual insights and beautiful photographs were a huge inspiration to me when creating our Wild Garden collection, so it was so exciting to learn more about the life she curates.


Tell us about yourself?
My name is Anoushka Florence. I am Mother to both my beautiful daughter Luna and The Goddess Space. The Goddess Space creates sacred spaces for women to gather and reconnect back to the power that lies within each other.

What was the catalyst for you becoming interested in gathering women together for spiritual and sacred experiences? 
In my early twenties, I felt incredibly lost. I began to recognise that I had become everything to everyone else around me and that I had lost myself in the process. I didn't know who I was ... and so I set out on a voyage of discovery to remember. 
On this path, I felt a deep calling to find other Women who were seeking a deeper connection back to who they were and so I started holding spaces for Women in my living room to come and gather and share their experiences. An oasis for the demands, pressure and expectations women have on themselves.


Strawberry Moon - The Goddess Space
Anoushka creating a sacred space to gather and shared experiences

We love how beautifully you talk about the juggle of being a mama expanding her business, what is the one piece of advice you would like to give to other mamas? 
Trust your Mama instincts. The Mother that lives within you is wiser, stronger and more powerful than anyone else's opinions or suggestions.
Go inwards as you learn to trust the voice within you that knows exactly how to Mother both yourself and your child.

How do you use Elizabeth Scarlett products in your daily routine and do you have a favourite piece? 
I love using your sacred pouches to hold my ritual tools. Treasures such as my crystals, feathers and oracle cards are safely tucked away in your magikal pouches. Keeping my treasured items secure in such a  beautiful bag brings me much peace... especially with a 2-year-old running around.


Strawberry Moon Elizabeth Scarlett
Our Strawberry Moon pouch, keeping spiritual treasures safely tucked away


What sparks joy within you? 
Slow morning, finding fairies in the garden with my daughter, tending to my garden and watching the stars sat around a firepit listening to soulful music.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
I would live in the forest, in a beautiful cabin tucked away somewhere in the English countryside. I love England, it feels like home.


What are your personal practices and rituals that you cannot be without? 
My morning ritual sets me up for the day and connects me to the earth and sky. Each morning I brew ceremonial matcha, and sit on my terrace. Giving thanks for the day. It's something simple that I know I can always do even if my babe needs me.


We know you have a deep love for animals too, tell us about your connection to them? 
I have a beautiful dog ~ Spirit Child. He has walked with us for the past 5 years and reminds me of so much. I believe each animal has an essence that if we connect deeply enough to it ~ can teach us so much.


Finding joy in slow mornings, starry nights and soulful music.


What is the importance of the Strawberry Moon this month and how would you advise performing a ritual or putting your intentions into practice? 
The strawberry moon is a time to honour the abundance and growth around us. It is a time to sit in gratitude for all that is ripening. A beautiful idea would be to create a circle outside, sit under the full moon with your sisters and share what you're grateful for... over a basket of fresh strawberries.
Gratitude holds the power and magnetises and attracts the things we wish for into our lives. So use this is a time to practice gratitude and call your dreams in under the full moon.


The Strawberry Moon is offers the perfect chance to practice
gratitude and explore your dreams


Tell us about your recent book launch of ‘The Women’s Circle’?
My book The Women’s Circle is an ode to reclaiming this beautiful practice in every woman's life. It is a recipe-style book that walks you through how you can create your very own women's circles for the women in your life. From New Moon circles to Bridal Blessings, Break Ups, to  Baby Showers and so many more~ it reminds women how to gather with meaning, intention and purpose. And is available to buy on Amazon!


How do you take care of Mother Nature? 
I love her, and in loving her I tread gently on the path beside her, I marvel at her beauty and do all I can to leave no trace behind me.

Visit @thegoddessspace to learn more and discover our limited edition Strawberry Moon pouch HERE.