ES Guide: How to sleep in the Summer Heat

Summer is here and temperatures are currently record breaking, but a major downside to beautiful weather is the sticky, clammy nights that make it so much harder to sleep. Explore most popular items “Sleep Mask UK” at Elizabeth Scarlet!
Discover my 5 top tips to prevent the heatwave from disturbing your sleep...

Luxury Bedding - Elizabeth Scarlet

1. Keep Your Bed Cool: In summer I love my Jungle Leaf duvet & pillowcases as they are made from 100% breathable cotton. They also have a perfectly smooth satin finish that helps to reflect away the heat, making it feel like the cool side of the pillow...always! Top tip: to feel even cooler I recommend putting your pillowcases in the freezer! Discover luxury bedding collections at Elizabeth Scarlet!
2. Cool Your Mind: I place a cold damp flannel on my forehead as I drift off and, however warm my body might feel, I try to keep focus on the cool sensation on my forehead. This mindful form of simple mediation helps my mind switch off. 
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3. Stay Hydrated: It seems obvious, but drinking lots of water can help cool your body down. Drinking at least two litres throughout the day keeps your body hydrated and your temperature down.
4. Stay Calm: Getting frustrated and restless because you're hot only generates more heat and keeps you up for longer. To help me stay calm I spritz the Neal's Yard facial mist on my face and pillow as the spray and scent acts as a trigger help my mind relax. My Jungle Leaf eye mask also makes me instantly feel relaxed with the soothing lavender scent and luxurious velvet back. 
Top tip: keep your face mist in the fridge for a more refreshing burst of hydration.
Summer Tips - Elizabeth Scarlet
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5. Wear Cotton: My cotton pyjamas may not be my most glamorous, but by swapping silk and satin nightwear for a cotton alternative allows my skin to breathe and for the air to circulate, making me much cooler. Explore stunning collections of luxury homeware, gifting and women’s fashion accessories at Elizabeth Scarlet.
Hope my tips help you stay cool this summer!
Wishing you a goodnights sleep, 
Elizabeth X