BTS of our Spring Shoot

On a sunny spring day, we got packed up and headed out early to shoot our latest three collections Sun Goddess White, Hummingbird Turquoise and a very exciting new edition, Olive Natural. We faced more challenges than usual with this shoot, needing to capture images of all three collections in one day and follow the guidelines for carrying out a shoot during lockdown, with a very limited team allowed on set. Equipped with facemasks, sanitiser, props and lots of coffee, we got to work shooting these gorgeous new editions to the Elizabeth Scarlett collections. We want to share with you a sneak peak of the behinds the scenes of this shoot so you can see how we made these collections come to life.

We shot these collections in a beautiful house in North London not too far from our office and kept the team small with our Marketing and Brand Manager, our photographer, a makeup artist, our lovely model Julia, our Marketing Assistant and of course Elizabeth Petrides on set.

The house was lovely and bright, with the sun beaming through the large open windows to perfectly highlight our spring products, which are all embroidered with accents of gold thread. We used extra light bouncers whilst shooting our pouches for makeup and cosmetic bag to make the most out of the light we had and really create the feel of a glorious spring day. We started with shooting our brand new design Olive Natural wanting to capture the rustic and meditarian indoor/ outdoor feel of the collection.

We were lucky to use two different bedrooms at this location so we then moved onto the second bedroom to start shooting our Sun Goddess collection in the new white colourway, our pouches for travel, coin purse and fabric handbags are the perfect pieces for spring/ summer outings and pairs beautifully with any outfit and house interior. We made the bed in our white Palmier luxury bedding and cushion covers providing a clean, luxe backdrop to our product shots. It was a flexible shoot with us spending a lot of time moving rooms to follow the positioning of the sun, working around the changing weather throughout the day.

It was a non stop production with multiple outfit changes to go with each collection and swift product  changes to make sure we achieved beautiful images for our pouches for travel, coin purse, makeup bags, embroidered cushions, wash bags and eye mask for all collections.

We got lucky in the late afternoon as a glorious golden hour struck so we were quick to get our outdoor shots done, which led to some dazzling results for capturing our travel pouch and canvas shoulder bags.


Throughout the shoot we had lots of handwashing and sanitising breaks, kept the windows open and the house ventilated and kept our distance as much as possible obviously not so easy for our model and photographer!

A final sleepy eye mask shot to end the day and that was a wrap! We carefully packed everything up and cleaned the rooms we’d used and headed home for the day.

sleepy eye mask shot

We love to share these behind the scenes sneak peaks with you and we can’t wait for you to see the final outcome of these efforts...when we launch our Spring Shop!