Behind the scenes of the British Blooms photoshoot

Inspired by the British countryside, the British Blooms collection is embroidered with hand-painted blousy peonies, garden roses, bluebells, and lilac asters. The campaign photographer, Shirlie Kemp let us into her dreamy garden and creative playground decorated with a large white wooden table that her and her husband built from scratch with wood they found in a reclamation. The white Wisteria draped overhead from a terrace and dropped flowers on our heads as we created the campaign (at a safe 2m distance). 
Shirlie Kemp
Shirlie is also a set stylist and has a gorgeous emporium of props; a beautiful Candelabra, pink porcelain hand-painted plates, rose gold cutlery with pearl finishing, and textured glasses. After visiting the flower market she returned with ice-filled baskets of peonies, roses, daisies, and greenery, waiting patiently for their turn to be dressed on the tables amongst bowls of sweet strawberries and a jug of fresh lemon juice. 
jug of fresh lemon juice
I loved working with Shirlie and it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit as she really got the vision for Elizabeth Scarlett - the products are simply made for her whimsical, summer country style. Despite it being a challenging time to create content, we managed to create some beautiful images, hopefully providing you with an escape from reality and some inspiration to set up a lovely spot outside, whether you have access to a garden or head to a local park. Enjoy a cup of tea in fine china or have Friday cocktail hour surrounded by our beautiful English surroundings. 
Elizabeth x