5 Inspiring Women of the Wild

I am woman, hear me roar!

In honour of International Women’s Day I want to celebrate the most powerful women in conservation.

These inspirational ladies have unleashed their feminine power to make a real difference to our wildlife - & to me & my designs! 

As you might be able to tell from my giraffe, elephant & tiger collections, I am a real nature lover & feel strongly about protecting these beautiful species. 

IIt’s for this reason that 2% of Elizabeth Scarlett annual sales go to support conservation charities that help keystone species.

It is also why I want to share with you these five Women in the Wild who are helping to protect our animals...


1.) Angela Sheldrick - Runs the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Angela Sheldrick - Runs the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Wildlife is in Angela Sheldrick’s blood. The daughter of naturalist David Sheldrick MBE & Dr.Dame Daphne Sheldrick, this inspirational woman is continuing her family’s unwavering commitment to conservation & shows no signs of slowing down. In 2001 she took over her parent’s legacy to run the @sheldricktrust in Kenya all the while raising two sons - who will hopefully follow in her very impressive footsteps!


2.) Katy Payne - Founder of the Elephant Listening Project 

Katy Payne - Founder of the Elephant Listening Project

Did you know that whales can compose music? Well we wouldn’t either were it not for Katy Payne. The zoologist was one of the first to discover that whales create & evolve their own song.

Katy then turned her attuned ear to elephants & managed to crack their language - despite being inaudible to humans! The mum-of-four is the founder of @elephantlisteningproject which gains insights into the beautiful creature. A remarkable woman with a remarkable ear!


3.) Paula Kahumbu - CEO of WildlifeDirect

Paula Kahumbu - CEO of WildlifeDirect

@paula_kahumbu has been in the news for all the right reasons. The Kenyan conservationist is best known for spearheading the Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign in 2014.

Paula remains resolute in her commitment to protecting endangered species, the Princeton lecturer is currently the CEO of @wildlifedirect which is Africa’s largest wildlife blogging website & source for conservation concerns.


4.) Lek Chailert - Founder of the Elephant Nature Foundation

Lek Chailert - Founder of the Elephant Nature Foundation

@lek_chailert is the founder of the @elephantnaturepark & longtime devotee to the protection of elephants in her native Thailand. 

She’s rescued over 200 distressed elephants & been hailed a ‘Hero of Asia’ by Time magazine for her efforts.

Lek has been active in campaigning against elephant crushing & continues to make a big difference for our big friends!


5.) Dr.Krithi Karanth - Director at the Centre for Wildlife Studies

Dr.Krithi Karanth - Director at the Centre for Wildlife Studies

Meet @krithi.karanth, another inspirational woman who has dedicated her life to protecting our wildlife.

The biologist & National Geographic Explorer has left her footprints in the field of conservationism, publishing over 100 scientific articles & fighting to save the endangered tiger. 

She continues to fight the fight & is currently the Chief Conservation Scientist & Director at the @cwsindia in Bangalore. Check out what she’s up to here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these incredible ladies & that they’ve inspired you to unleash your feminine strength on this International Women's Day!