The Story Behind The Lemon Collection

Shot on location in Sicily at The San Domenico Palace Hotel. Read Elizabeth's story:
The San Domenico Palace HotelElizabeth Scarlett
"The San Domenico Palace is a romantic paradise carved into the steep cliffs that overlook the Ionian Sea. I look out from my balcony, captivated by the snow capped tips of Mount Etna. Vast corridors filled with antiques surround a central garden, jewelled with juicy citrus trees. I feel a sense of peace that has lived in this haven since it's time as an ancient monastery. 
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The precious garden is a painters playground. An eclectic mix of rare plants in flower, blissfully enjoying the salty, warm Mediterranean climate. I sit spellbound by the monstera deliciosa, giant palms and my latest crush, the lemon trees. Shop our luxury collection of lemon cushion online.
This beautiful location for this Spring shoot, has hosted everyone from Audrey Hepburn to King Edward VII, I pinch myself and awaken my senses. Discover a range of luxury homeware from Elizabeth Scarlett!
luxury collection of lemon pouchJungle Leaf Pouch - Elizabeth Scarlet
Harley begins her magic behind the lens, and we experience sunshine, showers and rainbows, all within the first 15 minutes - I take this as a sign of good luck!
explore Taormina
We explore Taormina, taking in the beautiful scenery and steep cliffs which drop to the sea forming caves with sandy beaches. 
Lemon Bag - Elizabeth ScarletLemon Pouch - Elizabeth Scarlet
The next day we start at sunrise in our bedroom, to capture the soft morning light. The balcony terrace beckons for us the bask on the sun loungers but we save ourselves for breakfast. 
Lemon Cushion & Eye Mask - Elizabeth ScarletElizabeth Scarlet 2
Breakfast does not disappoint in the Michelin star restaurant, served on a grand terrace we devour the Sicilian pastries underneath the pink bougainvillea. 
Pineapple Coin Purse 5Pineapple Coin Purse 4
We discover the colourful Bam Bar off of Corso Umberto and throw on our best Dolce and Gabbana to celebrate capturing a beautiful new collection!"
Lemon bags - Elizabeth Scarlet 2Lemon Coin Purse - Elizabeth Scarlet
Photography: Harleymoon Kemp
Art Direction: Elizabeth Scarlett
Model: Mirka Pods
Jewellery: Missoma