Circulate Your Energy 💫

By: Elizabeth Petrides
I’m challenging myself to learn during this crisis, which means I’ve been looking for inspirational books to get my creative juices flowing. I came across “Earth is Hiring” By Peta Kelly via Instagram, and have been hooked ever since!
The most recent chapter was about circulating energy, and I thought this would be interesting to share, particularly as a lot of us are stuck inside and there isn’t much space to change up our routines every day.
The concept of Circulating Energy is the idea that you can change up your stagnant energy and allow space for new, wild, rewarding and exciting energy to circulate. Inviting new energy in!

I’ve found myself flumping on the sofa throughout the day, completely energy zonked. So I set a challenge for myself to change it up, and am loving the effects.

  • Work in different spots around the home. Rotate seats. Think of it, similar to how you seek inspiration by going to different cafes to get fresh energy, tasty snacks and good cappuccinos (sad...😢). I did my first “stand up” meeting today, where I put my laptop on the fireplace and moved away from my usual spot at the kitchen table.
  • Wake up and do something different each day. Instead of starting every day with the same old smoothie, and willing myself to do some form of exercise, I’ve been trying new routines. On Monday I made hot chocolate on the stove, on Tuesday I had toasted banana bread with butter, and today I made smoothie bowls. Trust me it feels good.
smoothie bowls

  • Use different materials. A different coloured pen, a different notebook.
coloured pen with notebook

  • Move it, move it. Why walk to the fridge when you can dance to the fridge?! Or like me, dance with your dog to a disco playlist.


  • Change your outfit up. Get rid of the clothes you don’t need. I have been wearing gym gear every day. Yesterday, I wore the same tracksuit as I’d worn the day before which was a real low point so that’s why I have jeans on today and a sharp WFH outfit. 💁
sharp WFH outfit


          Hope this brings a little bit of inspiration and playfulness to your week, it’s certainly helped mine!
          With love,