Bedtime with Monica Beatrice

To celebrate the launch of our NEW bedding collection and help us make the most of the hibernation season, we've partnered with some of our favourite ladies to find out their tips and tricks for a peaceful, cosy, and luxurious night's sleep. 
This week we chatted with long term friend of ours, Monica Beatrice who's beautiful blog, The Elgin Avenue is a welcoming corner of the internet filled with advice for living a stylish, happy and inspired life and a serious source of inspiration and joy for us here at Elizabeth Scarlett.
elizabeth scarlett: NEW bedding collection
1. What does bedtime look like in your home?
My husband Oli and I like to decompress together after work. We'll cook a meal together (or rather he'll cook and I'll taste-test!), have a glass of wine and catch-up. More often than not we'll then watch some TV and head to bed between 10 - 11. I always look forward to that slot of total relaxation in the day. 
2. Do you have any wind-down rituals you can tell us about? 

I have a fairly extensive skincare routine before I get ready for bed, and in a way that's my 'wind-down' time. I double cleanse, tone, apply serum and moisturizer. . . it's a whole thing! It only takes a few minutes but it's so relaxing and I then feel 'ready' for bed. 

3. What is special to you about your Elizabeth Scarlett Bedding?

Elizabeth Scarlett bedding is like a little slice of boutique hotel goodness at home. Whenever I have my ES bedding on I feel so boujis! The embroidery is so elegant, and the sheets are crazy soft.

4. What’s your favourite thing to do in bed? (Let’s keep it PG - Haha)

HA! I love reading, and painting my nails in bed. Total zen! I also love it when Oli and I lie-in and he's on coffee duty in the morning, it feels like such a luxury to have a coffee delivered to me in bed!

5. Are you a pineapples or palm trees kind of person?

Both?! Right now we have pineapples on our bed, but I love the palm trees too. They're both such happy emblems.

6. Do you prefer weekends well spent at home or away?

Oh great question! Right now, since it's the middle of winter and so cold outside, I am ALL for relaxing cosy weekends at home. 

7. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

I'd say an early bird, but I don't mind a late night either. As long as I get enough sleep either way!

8. We see fresh and soft sheets as one of life’s little luxuries, what other everyday products do you treasure using?

Agreed! Other little luxuries for me include: a great moisturiser, vanilla chai tea, good coffee, cashmere jumpers, great-smelling candles . . . can you tell I love the cosy season?! 

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