6 Summer Secrets to Stay Soft in the City

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For those of us, back from a gorgeous summer holiday and not quite ready to switch gears, the tips below help you to bring home with you the easy spirit of the season for a seamless transition back into city life.

Grace Hazel Brown, a qualified Yoga Teacher, Masseuse & Reiki Practitioner shares her passionate advice for combining mindfulness, 
self love and nature in order to create the perfect summer space for healing and bliss in London Town.
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The sun rises early in Summer so we can tune into that by rising softly with the sunlight rather than being shocked out of dreams by an alarm. Upon waking, avoid looking at your phone and instead stay in bed with your eyes closed. This will allow your mind to stay malleable, making this a perfect time to allow positive thought patterns to flow in. Visualise a few things you’re grateful for. Gratitude can even be for the sheets you’re lying in between. I'm always grateful to wake up in the luxury of my Jungle Leaf Duvet Cover.


After tip 1, find a comfortable quiet area to sit and focus on your breathing. Slow down your inhalation and exhalation until all tension dissolves. Now open your eyes, take a journal (I recommend Elizabeth Scarlett’s embroidered journal) and write down 3 things you would like to FEEL today. Lastly without filter, jot down other ideas, inspiration, or goals. Keep your journal with you throughout the day for any other moments of manifesting. Doing this allows our inner self to express what we want, leaving us feeling more focused and able to tune into what’s really important.


London is city full of so many different people, meaning of a lot of different energy in quite compact spaces. Our commutes to work can leave us frazzled, so here’s my method to stay tranquil within the hustle and bustle. Create a calming music playlist, get a great set of headphones and listen to your soothing tunes whilst you’re getting from A-B. This will allow you to stay in a space of peace on your journey so that you arrive at your destination peacefully. I suggest Nils Fram, or if you’re feeling experimental sound therapy such as Danny Becher.


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Our London schedule can be packed and we easily become burnt out when we don’t attend to our needs. Choose daily nourishing activities for your mind and body. Introduce acts of self-love like going to yoga or getting a massage. You could even have your own ‘date night’ by preparing a wholesome meal, all the while appreciating yourself in a positive way. Finish that off with a Himalayan salt bath. This experience is magnified by setting the mood with scented candles. I love the Elizabeth Scarlett Mini Candle Gift Set which you can put romantically around your bathroom.


Keep your living and work space clear. I'm a believer that what’s going on in your personal space, becomes a reflection of what's happening in your mind. Throw things away you don't need, keep everything uncluttered and bright. Doing this gives our mind a chance to find ease. You certainly don't want an empty space though! I love to decorate my home with plants, colourful prints, candles and most importantly make it comfortable with soft furnishings. Heaps of cushions are ideal! I use Elizabeth's Jungle Leaf cushion which also teams up as fantastic meditation cushion for tip 2!


Get outside! The earth vibrates at a frequency of eight hertz. When we walk in natural areas, our bodies absorb this energy, which provides a feeling of harmony and relaxation. London can seem like a concrete jungle at times, but we're blessed with plenty of parks and public gardens we can escape to. Scope out the closest green areas where you work and visit them whenever possible. You can also bring a bit of nature everywhere using an Elizabeth Scarlett pouch as a clutch bag. I use the Jasmine Pouch, brightening up my outfits and my day! Browse all pouches here.

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Feeling inspired & want to know more.

Grace runs healing sessions, yoga and energy body workshops in and around London. Her main treatment is Full Illumination Therapy which is a delicious combination of Thai Yoga Massage and Oils work, which is followed with Reiki and Chakra Balancing. Brilliant for bringing you back into a state of alignment. She welcomes you to get in touch by email on [email protected]. Or please check out her website and Instagram page www.gracehazelyoga.com / Instagram: grace_hazel_yoga