To celebrate the launch of our NEW bedding collection and help us make the most of the hibernation season, we've partnered with some of our favourite ladies to find out their tips and tricks for a peaceful, cosy, and luxurious night's sleep. 
This week we caught up with the wonderful, Ella Gregory who is co-host of our favourite 'Let's Discuss' Podcast and the brains behind the inspirational Coco's Tea Party book club

1. What does bedtime look like in your home?

I always joke that I’m such a grandma, and if I don’t have evening plans I always end up going to bed so early. I try to switch off the TV and avoid screen time at 9 pm, and then I’ll do my double-cleansing skincare routine and read in bed for an hour before lights out. 

2. Do you have any wind-down rituals you can tell us about?

I sleep so much better if I have at least half an hour without looking at my phone. So I always read before bed. I’m also partial to a lavender sleep spray. And if it’s a full moon I’ll usually do something a bit woo-woo, and set intentions for the coming moon cycle, or recharge my crystals in the moonlight.

3. What is special to you about your Elizabeth Scarlett Bedding?

I’m obsessed with all things Elizabeth Scarlett, but I love the Luxury bedding in particular. White, hotel-quality sheets are one of my favourite everyday luxuries, and I love the gold palm tree embroidery, as it adds a touch of personality. 

4. What’s your favourite thing to do in bed? (Let’s keep it PG - Haha)

It’s very rare that I spend a few extra hours in bed on a weekend morning, because I’m usually up early for a yoga class. But if I ever get the opportunity to go back to bed for a few hours, with coffee and a good book, it’s my favourite PG thing to do in bed.

5. Are you a pineapples or palm trees kind of person?

I went through a heavy pineapple phase, a few years ago. But now I would say I’m more into the palm tree motif. Especially for winter, because it’s nice to dream of tropical destinations!

6. Do you prefer weekends well spent at home or away?

Weekends away are always such a treat, but there’s nothing more restorative than a chilled weekend at home, when you have next-to-know plans, and can just relax.

7. Are you a night owl or early bird?

I’m usually an early bird. But now that the mornings are becoming colder and darker I just want to hibernate. So I’d say I’m neither a night owl or an early bird, right now. More a grumpy bear!

8. We see fresh and soft sheets as one of life’s little luxuries, what other everyday products do you treasure using?

Quality coffee beans, a lovely scented candle, and sheepskin slippers.


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