At Elizabeth Scarlett we're always curious to discover what other women are carrying around inside their travel pouches, so we recently caught up with Anna Eleri Hart from The South Molton St Style and took a little peek inside her Lemon Travel Pouch...

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Over to Anna: 

It’s no secret that I use my Elizabeth Scarlett pouches for everything! I’ve just returned from holiday where I had one for tech, one for suncreams, one for the flight, one for skincare and one for hair and make up. My favourites are the Jungle Leaf and the Lemons - but Elizabeth is yet to produce a print I don’t pine after…
The products I’ve picked are ones that live in my “everyday” pouch thats by the front door when I need it. Below is whats kept in it:
1. By Akaterina Earrings
I always keep a pair of “dress up” earrings in my pouch, they’re a really good way to instantly lift an outfit and I’m trying to be more spontaneous. It means I can say “yes” to things a bit more easily; pop on some earrings, done! These are from By Akaterina. She makes brilliant, reasonably priced bits - this gold pair are great and very comfortable.
2. Elemis Peptide Eye Cream
As someone who doesn’t sleep enough or drink enough water, I’m also prone to puffy eyes and dark circles. This cream is one of few I’ve found that helps. I have two; one by my sink and one in the pouch. 
3. Jade Roller
One of those things I didn’t know I needed! It was a gift from a beauty brand and I kept it on my desk and used it almost as stress relief at first. Then I noticed the difference in my jaw line and cheekbones and made it more of an everyday essential!
4. HUM Nutrition Collagen Capsules
I buy these in bulk when I’m in the US! They’re rose lemonade flavour and more importantly; packed full of collagen. For anyone who doesn’t know, collagen is what we lose as adults that keeps our skin tight and plump. Kids have tonnes of it, hence them having no wrinkles. I carry them around to make sure I have one a day.
5. Glossier Boy Brow
This would be the “luxury” I’d take to a desert island. I don’t know why I didn’t use brow mascara sooner, I look back at pictures of myself and cringe at my flat, boring eyebrows. This takes two seconds and I feel grim without it.
6. Beauty Pie Retinol Hand Cream and SPF
It’s no secret I’m a Beauty Pie obsessive. These two products are absolute, unequivocal essentials. SPF because I’m old (and often hungover after 2 glasses of wine; the liquorice in the ingredients quells puffiness) and hand cream because who knew I needed an anti-wrinkle hand cream that gets rid of wrinkles? It’s amazing!
7. L’Occitane Lip Balm 
Lip balm is a must for me, I have about 50 of them. Between this and eight hour cream, I put them on 10 times a day. I hate dry lips, it’s a pet peeve.
8. Aveda Phomollient Mousse
Without help I have rubbish, flat, boring hair. This product is the only stuff I’ve found that gives me beachy styling with no effort - and it doesn’t make my hair crisp or dank.
9. NARS Mascara and Blusher Stick
I can’t be without the Blusher Stick; I use it as a blusher, eyeshadow, lip tint. If you’re looking for one product that does everything it’s this! As for mascara, this is a very good not cloggy, good coverage, option.
10. Dermalogica Toner
With a combination of being in an air conned office, in the car, on the tube, etc - it’s really hard to stop my skin getting dry or dirty. This toner works as a barrier and it’s really good. It also makes my make up stay on, rather than the opposite which I thought it might do
11. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
My friends laugh at me because this stuff is my answer to all problems. I’d use it to build a house if I could. I use it on all blemishes, dry skin, mix it in with beauty stuff to make it hold… The list is endless.
12. OPI Cuticle Oil
I wish I’d known about this sooner; it saves me about an extra week between a manicure. It stops cuticles getting grim and seems to help strengthen my nails too.
13. Chanel Biarritz Perfume
It’s taken me 34 years too many to discover Chanel perfumes. They are hands down the best. The Biarritz scent was created by Coco Chanel to remember her time in the area. I spent 3 summers there as a teenager so it has a super personal touch...
 Anna Hart South Molton Style & Elizabeth Scarlett

 A little more about Anna...

As well as her blog, The South Molton St Style, Anna is a businesswoman and founder of social media management agency, One Roof Social. Plus, owner and dog mum to the cute Lopez!

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