Top tips on how to create a bedroom sanctuary

Start Spring 2018 with a bedroom that's calm, peaceful, and so luxuriously comfortable you'll never want to leave. Our founder, Elizabeth shares her top tips.
Luxury Bedding - Elizabeth Scarlett
“Since starting Elizabeth Scarlett 3 years ago, it's always been important to me to find the luxury bedding and the most delicate embroidery techniques to bring intricate beauty and softness into homes around the world. Through sustainably sourcing natural materials, I have learnt so much about how colour and fabric can bring lightness and a warming ambience to any bedroom. As life has gotten busier, I've come to learn that if your bedroom is a sanctuary where you can properly rest and restore, you can jump out of bed to take on any challenge!"
"I always invest in the highest quality bed linen. Our duvet covers including lemon duvet covers, luxury pineapple duvet covers, palm tree duvet covers and more are made with 100% cotton with a 220 thread count which gets softer with every wash. For a night of interrupted cosiness, I make sure to add a fitted sheet underneath to experience the irresistible Elizabeth Scarlett cotton sandwich!"
Palm Tree - Elizabeth Scarlett
"I love to create a fresh and colourful environment in my bedroom. Did you know, colour has the power to invigorate and to soothe the mind? Our cushions do just that and add instant elegance and loveliness to any bedding. I'm currently displaying the Jungle Leaf cushions on mine as they make me feel like I've brought a bit of mother nature inside."
Jungle Leaf Cushion - Elizabeth Scarlett
" After washing my sheets, I make sure to iron and store my linen away correctly, so they keep that fresh feeling until I change the bed. I know changing the sheets is a chore, but its a self-love task I always make time for, as there's nothing more rewarding than getting into crisp, fresh sheets. Luxury Homeware Shop Online!
Luxury Bedding - Elizabeth Scarlett
"One of my best friends recently bought me a wooden box for my birthday which has printed on it "Offline is the New Luxury." This is where my phone gets locked away and put on airplane mode before I go to sleep. I try to get into bed as early as 9pm on a week night and my phone is switched off off at 8pm. This new technique has helped me to unwind. To help me get into the relaxation zone, I like to indulge in a hot bath and burn one of our scented candles. My favourite at this time of year is Jasmine & Wild Flower, made with aromatic essential oils."
Jasmin & Wild Flower Candle  - Elizabeth Scarlett