The Inspiration Behind the Wild Tigers Collection

Our new Wild Tigers range of embroidered travel pouches, luxury makeup bags, luxury eye mask, coin purse, wash bags and velvet cushion is one of our most striking and detailed designs. 


This limited-edition collection has been a long time coming. The starting point for this collection has come from our lovely community, each time we asked our community which animal-inspired collection they’d like to see next, these characterful cubs always came out on top! To bring this much requested design to life, Elizabeth painted their striking orange and black markings and Elizabeth's embroidery captured their powerful personalities with added gold embroidered accents. She paired their signature striped coats with bright threads and bold azure and apricot bases creating a final design that exudes positivity and power.


Elizabeth was overjoyed that tigers were so highly requested for the next collection design, having always been fascinated by tigers. When she was 5 years old, she couldn’t yet read but she just adored drawing animals. From this age onwards she was particularly captivated by tigers and their distinct markings. She found it was a joy drawing them again this year and said it has reignited her dream to see one in the wild!


This latest collection has launched in two colourways giving our community the opportunity to find the range that suits their personality and style best. Our Azure blue collection adds a bold pop of colour to any outfit or home interior for those who want to stand out. Our beautiful and more subtle Apricot collection works perfectly for those with a more pastel aesthetic to their look and homeware. For the first time we also launched a choice of two makeup bags with our Tiger Streak makeup bag featuring the three playing cubs and our Tiger Solo makeup bag featuring a more peaceful sitting down tiger, surrounded by pink hibiscus flowers. As always we offer personalised makeup bags in this range, by adding the option of monogramming up to 3 initials.


A stand out piece from this collection is the Tiger Azure Velvet Cushion, which is sure to make any chair the best seat in the house. The luxurious soft velvet base and embroidery detailing of the solo tiger shimmering with gold thread makes a truly unique statement in any home.


Tigers are keystone species, maintaining the balance of species in their ecosystems. They roam across grasslands, evergreen forests, tropical rainforests, and mangrove swamps, so play a critical role in a range of habitats and have a direct impact on both food and water supplies for millions of humans who live in these areas.Today, there are approximately 3,900 Tigers left in the wild; just over a century ago, there were as many as 100,000 Tigers roaming the wild. It’s our job to help species like this continue to thrive.


The collection of Tiger accessories, with lavender filled eye mask, coin purse, makeup bag, day velvet bags, wash bag, embroidered cushions and iconic Elizabeth Scarlett travel pouch, are the perfect pieces to brighten every room and outfit, even on the greyest of days. The question is… which colour will you choose?