Elizabeth Scarlett X The Bumblebee Conservation Trust


Buzzing onto the Elizabeth Scarlett site just in time for World Bee Day on the 20th May, our gorgeous new Conservation Collection: Brave Bumblebees & British Blooms promises to sprinkle some springtime joy on your every day (while also allowing you to do some good for the globe).

As part of our ongoing pledge to give back to the wild, we’ve partnered with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, donating £15,000 from the sales of The Conservation Collection: Brave Bumblebees & British Blooms from May to August 2021. Our goal is to raise enough funds to sow 1 hectare of bumblebee-friendly wildflower seeds and to help fund their charitable activities. 


Elizabeth Scarlett Bumblebee Conservation Trust

We're paying tribute to these tiny workers and their incredible contribution to our countryside.


As the UK’s only charity dedicated solely to the conservation of bumblebees, the trust works tirelessly to achieve its vision of communities and countryside rich in bumblebees and colourful wildflowers, supporting a diversity of wildlife and habitats for everyone to enjoy. In the last 80 years, an astonishing 97% of our wildflower habitat has disappeared, while two bumblebee species have gone extinct in the UK and a further eight species are now classified as endangered.

As pollinators, bumblebees are one of our most important keystone species; they help to pollinate a vast number of plants; from crops we need for food to colourful wildflowers, many of which would be unable to reproduce without the help of these tiny workers. As small as they may be, these mighty insects contribute an estimated $14 billion to the EU economy every year. 


 Lizzie took to her sketchpad to pay homage to these furry creatures and beautiful plants with hand-illustrated delicate motifs.


Founded in 2006, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust is on a mission to reverse these devastating changes to the UK’s ecosystems. Gaining the support of thousands of members and volunteers, the charity had already restored and enhanced over 3000 hectares of flower-rich habitat for bumblebees while also offering support and advice to over 400 farmers and landowners.

Here at Elizabeth Scarlett, we’re keen to also do our bit to help save the bumblebees, setting ourselves the goal to help the BBCT to sow one hectare of wildflower seeds across London this summer (that’s the equivalent of two and a half football pitches). Better yet? Each and every pouch, makeup bag, purse, eye mask and day bag sold from the collection will arrive with its very own packet of wildflower seeds - allowing you to create your own personal bee sanctuary - be it in a tiny window box or a cosy corner of your back garden.

Do your bit to help save the bumblebees by planting a packet of wildflower seeds.


Talking about this latest pledge, Elizabeth said  “My artwork and designs have always been inspired by animals and nature, so it’s a privilege to be able to use my art to invest in the future of their species and natural habitats. We can all find big and small ways to promote biodiversity in our lives – it’s as simple as planting a wildflower window box.”

Keen to do your bit for the bumblebees? Browse the bee-autiful new collection here, or head to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website to learn more about the work they do and donate.


 *£15,000 from the sales of The Conservation collection: Brave Bumblebees & British Blooms will be donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust from May to July 2021. Our goal is to raise enough funds to sow 1 hectare of bumblebee-friendly wildflower seeds and help fund their charitable activities.