Fresh Sheets, Happy Mind 🌞

Clean sheets on a Freshly Made Bed
I think there is no better feeling, than cosying up into clean sheets on a freshly made bed after a long day.
If you’re looking for motivation to put on some fresh sheets, here it is! 😘 
Whilst we’re all at home, it’s the little things you can do to brighten up your day. 
You will feel so accomplished and get to look forward to a lovely night's sleep. 
It’s as easy as can be!
For your luxury bedding experience you’ll need: 
  • Ironing Board
  • An iron 
  • A soft, fitted sheet 
  • Fresh, clean luxury duvet covers and pillowcases! Our full luxury bedding sets; Palmier & Pineapple Palmier or Pineapple include one pair of hotel luxury pillowcases which are super soft 100% cotton, 300 thread count and look absolutely lovely. We also offer pillowcase pairs separately as 4 pillows make for a plump and luxurious sleep!
  • A sizeable quilt which you can fold (I’ve used one from our golden palm tree embroidered bedding range, Palmier)
  • Scatter cushions. I’ve gone for our Pineapple Mauve velvet cushions for a soft and Spring look.
    5 Simple Steps to hotel quality night’s sleep… 
    1. Iron all of your luxury bedding including the fitted sheet to smooth the cotton and provide a lovely crisp finish. If you have a steaming function on your iron - even better! But if not, don’t worry just focus on getting those creases out - it’s actually very therapeutic. 
    2. Put the fitted sheet onto the mattress, smoothing down the edges, and tucking them into the bed. 
    3. Fill the bedding, sheets, and pillowcases with the duvet and pillows. Give them a good old shake out and plumping. Put the filled duvet cover down first, and place the pillowcases against the headboard on top of the duvet and fitted sheet. 
    4. Place the quilt over the bed until it’s halfway up, then tuck and roll for a smart fold. 
    5. Add your scatter cushions for some extra layers of plumpness and to express your lovely personality.
    6. (Optional) Let your pampered dog test it out to check it’s perfect! - What is it about dogs and clean sheets! 🤷


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    With love, 

    Elizabeth x