Behind The Scenes Of Our Lobster Shoot in Norfolk

When it came to shooting our Lobster Collection, we packed up and headed out on a road trip to the coast to Norfolk. We wanted a beautiful, natural spot, and settled upon a desolate shack with quirky interiors and a sea salt-weathered soul. It was full of cosy corners, and magical, slithers of beautiful coastal light. We felt so inspired just being there and it reminded us of the beauty in nature. Norfolk radiates natural beauty and I knew it would be the perfect backdrop to showcase our Lobster collection pieces.

Pared back makeup and glowing skincare took centre stage for this shoot.


After a few slight hiccups finding the remote little beach shack (our driving skills were tested as we rumbled along bumpy dirt tracks) we eventually managed to find our little oasis of peace, hidden among fields upon fields of long grass, with the ocean just beyond. Our Norfolk-based makeup artist starting working her skincare magic on the beautiful  Inês, and in no time at all she was glowing from head-to-toe, with her tousled locks inspiring salty sea memories.

The isolated shack was the perfect place to capture the magic of Norfolk


With the sun on our side, we began capturing the striking lobster design, the creature’s smart red suit and piercing eyes glinting under the blue skies. Our talented photographer and videographer got to work immediately, capturing Inês dancing around the shack, slipping on an eye mask and packing up beach essentials in our lobster everyday pouch. Happy with the images, we enjoyed a quick alfresco lunch before packing up and heading to the beach (SPF in hand, of course).

With shoes discarded, we quickly got to work on the golden sands.


With sunnies on and shoes quickly ditched, we were able to create some truly stunning content that we hope shows off the very best of Norfolk. From exploring the dunes to dipping her toes in the sea and kicking back on the sand, Ines gave us all a masterclass in seaside fun (looking beautiful and poised every step of the way). As we secured our final image, the clouds started to form above and we took our queue to back up and head back to the city, grateful for the fresh air in our lungs and excited to share the collection with our community.

Home time, at last! 


Meet The Model - Inês Fressynet 

Inês Fressynet is a 31-year-old French and Brazillian model, who has been living in London since 2014. After a busy shoot day, we caught up with her to learn more about her relationship with nature, her inspirations and her favourite holiday memories. 

Where is your favourite place for a UK break?

For a long weekend, I'd say Cornwall is fantastic. There are vineyards and wineries where you can eat great food as well. I recently did a trip to St Ives and I loved the artsy atmosphere of the town. I also had a great time swimming in Kynance Cove and strolling Porthleven.

What do you keep in your travel pouch for busy shoot days?

I always pack my little point and shoot film camera, which I like to use instead of my iPhone to capture behind the scenes. I usually receive the pictures several weeks after I've shot them, and I love reliving those fleeting moments. My pouch is also packed with natural cosmetics and other wellbeing products that I use as a form of self-care on the go. I like to have a roll-on of sweet orange essential oil that I warm in my inner wrists and breathe if I'm feeling stressed.

How did you find shooting on Norfolk’s beautiful coastline?

I enjoyed it so much. I was longing for nature, salty air and being close to the sea. We were lucky to shoot in an area of outstanding beauty and it felt really special to be able to shoot on the beach after the year that we've all had.

This new collection is gorgeous and I'm very proud to be a part of it. I am also a pouch aficionado, and I can't wait to bring mine with me in the south of France later this summer.

What inspires joy in your life?

I thought a lot about it this year and, like most people, it's the seemingly simple things we were deprived of for months. Hugging loved ones, seeing live art, sharing gorgeous food with friends, restaurants, and traveling. During the lockdown I found solace in the little things. A nice cup of coffee, a great novel, self-care routines, cooking meals from scratch, journaling...

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