“Quality items which are beautiful to look at. They make gorgeous gifts when you finish collecting for yourself!”

"I fell in love with Kenya, when I visited on my honeymoon. 3 years on I can still remember the smell of the smoky campfire and the vast starlit skies. This collection is an ode to these memories, a love letter to Kenya, and a celebration of the majestic wildlife that graces our planet. I hope these designs bring a touch of adventure and warmth to your everyday."

Shop to Support Orphaned Elephants

Have you seen our latest Conservation Collection, in support of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust? Every purchase from this collection contributes to the care and protection of orphaned elephants in Kenya. From providing milk for orphaned calves to watching over wild herds, every item sold will help to secure a future for this keystone species.*

We pledge 2% of our annual sales to the preservation of keystone species; animals that help define entire ecosystems.

This means that, whether we make money or not, we tax ourselves for using earth’s resources and honour the animals that embellish our much-loved textiles.