Every purchase from this collection contributes to the care and protection of elephants in care of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya. From providing milk for orphaned calves to watching over wild herds, every item sold will help to secure a future for this keystone species.*

“I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with elephants in Southern and Eastern Africa in their natural habitat, their family dynamic, majestic presence and sensitivity reminds us of how important it is to take care of each other and preserve our natural world.”

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust exists to protect Africa's wildlife and to preserve habitats for the future of all wild species. Their Orphans' Project has successfully raised more than 260 baby elephants who have lost their mothers, most often at the hands of humans.

*With every purchase from the ‘Conservation Collection: Elephants’, we will be donating the value of one to three bottles of milk (£2.30 - £7.00) to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, depending on the item purchased. We will endeavour to direct the funds raised from your purchase to the provision of milk for orphaned elephant calves as needed. Any surplus funds will go towards the Sheldrick Trust’s wider conservation initiatives, ensuring each purchase from the ‘Conservation Collection: Elephants’ will be helping secure a future for this keystone species.

In addition to our specific Conservation Collections, we pledge 2% of our annual sales to the preservation of keystone species; animals that help define entire ecosystems.

This means that, whether we make money or not, we tax ourselves for using earth’s resources and honour the animals that embellish our much-loved textiles.